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What is The Mark Program?

PEN Center USA presents The Mark Program blog.

The Mark is a program designed for Emerging Voices alumni. We describe The Mark as a rigorous manuscript finishing school for those who have gone through the Emerging Voices fellowship and need to finish and/or prepare their manuscripts for publication. Each year the program offers two cycles, one for Fiction/Non-fiction, and one for Poetry. The 2011 Poetry Cycle is now underway. This is where our participants are writing their way through the Program! Learn about their workshop experiences, breakthroughs, writing exercises, and whatever else they choose to share. This is their journey towards a professional writing career.

More About The Mark

Three to four applicants are chosen for each cycle. A Project Defense, Mid-term Review, and Final Review are all mandatory components of the program. Following the first defense, the Mark faculty and PEN staff prescribe goals for the manuscript and a workshop schedule. The workshop meets every other week for eighteen weeks. Workshop sessions are three hours in length.

More About Emerging Voices

Emerging Voices is a literary fellowship program aimed at new writers who lack access to traditional writing programs and avenues of publication. Emerging Voices provides its fellows with the tools they will need to launch a professional writing career. All Mark participants must have successfully completed the Emerging Voices fellowship.